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top 5 ncaa football teams of all time



After listing my top 5 ncaa basketball teams of all time I decided why not list my top 5 football teams too. Like before, this list is based on college performance only. I factored in all different things, but like my first list, the main factor was winning margin because IMO a great team should be dominant and nothing reflects dominance better then winning margin. Other things I factored in were strength of schedule, players, and draft picks.

Also, if anyone disagrees with a team on this list feel free to comment.

1. Nebraska Cornhuskers (13-0) 1971- This team is considered by many the best college football team ever and I have to agree. This team, led by a great offense and just as good defense averaged 39 points a game, while letting up only 8 points per game. The defense included 7 first team All-Big Eight selections and two OUtland trophy winners. The defense was one of the most opportunistic recovering 20 fumbles and intercepting 27 passes. The cornhuskers beat #2 ranked Oklahoma on Thanksgiving 35-31 in one of the greatest games of all time (also nicknamed "game of the century") before finishing off their season destroying 'Bama in the Orange Bowl 38-6.

Coach: Bob Devaney

2. USC Trojans (12-0) 1972- Coming one year after the great Nebraska team this USC team really is just 1A. The first team to ever be named No.1 on every media and coaches ballots, This team scored 30 or more points in 7 of their 11 games and averaged almost 43 points a game. Their offense included OT Pete Adams and TE Charles Young who would both go on to being first round selections, while also continuing the USC tradition of great running backs with Sam Cunningham, Rod Mcneill, and Anthony Davis. This team also dominated on defense allowing 12 points a game. They finished their season beating Ohio State 42-17 in the Rose Bowl.

Coach: John McKay

 3. Miami Hurricanes (12-0) 2001- This team had as much star power as any. On offense they started All-American QB Ken Dorsey, RB Clinton Portis, (rushed for 1,200 yards) and TE Jeremy Shockey. On defense this team had corners Philip Buchanon and Mike Romph and safety Ed Reed, all of whom were first round selections along with Shockey, OT Bryant McKinney. This team went 12-0 with an average winning margin of 34 points a game.

Coach: Larry Coker

4. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (9-0) 1947- This team featured more great college football players than almost any and they could have jumped Miami if not for the fact that they won a disputed national championship. While the Irish were voted #1 in the final poll of the season, Michigan destroyed USC and was #1 in the unofficial postseason ballot. This team featured 3 players who were named among the top 100 college football players ever. QB Johnny Lujack won the Heisman and Lineman Leon Hart would go on to be one of two lineman to ever win the Heisman in ‘49, along with tackle George Connor. 41 of the Irish players went on to play pro ball.

Coach: Frank Leahy

5. Nebraska Cornhuskers (12-0) 1995- Another great Nebraska team, this version erased any doubts of how good it was by destroying Florida and it's "superior defense" in the Fiesta Bowl 62-24. This team featured what may be the best offense ever averaging over 50 points a game better even than the 1983 Nebraska team. Playing a tough schedule (they played 4 top ten teams who they beat by no less then 23 points per) they absolutely dominated the competition. This offense was led by Ahman Green and Lawrence Philips led the league in rushing offense averaging 400 yards a game.

Coach: Tim Osborne


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Top 5 NCAA teams of all time

There have been many great NCAA teams, but I tried to narrow it down 5. This list is based on college performance ONLY and what players did in the NBA is irrelevant. To make these rankings I factored in mostly teams record and performance in the NCAA tournament. Another big factor was winning margin, as to be a great team you was must also be dominating. Anyway, here it is.

1. 1968 UCLA Bruins (29-1)- Any of the Lew Alcindor teams would have worked so I just picked one. This team did have one loss, to Houston, but they came back and beat Houston in the tournament 101-69. Along with Alcindor, This team started Lucius Allen, Mike Warren Jr., and Mike Lynn all of whom averaged double figures that year.

Coach: John Wooden

2. 1996 Kentucky Wildcats (34-2)- they lost two regular season games, but came back to absolutely destroy everyone in the NCAA tournament winning by an average of 21 points a game. This team was so good, that future first round pick and one of the top recruits coming out of high school, Ron Mercer, played only 15 min. a game. This team also featured five first round picks and a second round pick.

Coach: Rick Pitino

3. 2009 North Carolina Tar Heels (34-4)- One of the most talented teams in recent memory, this team will also feature quite a few first and second round draft picks. Like Kentucky, this team lost a few games in the regular season, but redeemed themselves by also destroying the competition in the tournament winning every game by double figures. This team features ACC player of the Year- Ty Lawson, last year's national player of the year and the ACC career leading scorer among other things- Tyler Hansbrough, and 2 guards both averaging double figures- Wayne Ellington and Danny Green, not to mention future lottery pick Ed Davis coming off the bench.

Coach: Roy Williams

4. 1976 Indiana Hoosiers (32-0)- One of the all time great teams. This team featured 3 All Americans in Scott May, Kent Benson, and Quinn Buckner, with May being named the national player of the year. This team went undefeated and beat teams by an average of 17 ppg. This team beat the defending champs UCLA to get to the final and won the ship 86-68.

Coach: Bob Knight

5. 1972 UCLA Bruins (30-0)- Another amazing John Wooden team. This team featured Bill Walton and 3 OTHER future first round picks. This team won by an average of 32 ppg in the regular season. I would have had this team higher, but they won the championship game by only 5 points against Florida State.

Coach: John Wooden

Honorable mention: 1992 Duke Blue Devils, 1956 San Francisco Dons, 1990 UNLV Running Rebels, and 1960 Ohio State Buckeyes.


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